Mac Powell of Third Day

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This is a HQ print of an original pencil drawing I made of Mac Powell, the lead singer of Third Day. Incidentally, this is also the first time I completed a drawing of a photo I also took myself. I took the photo that I drew this from at Winter Jam 2010.

This drawing was started in Feb. 2010 and worked on sporadically thru July 2010, then abandoned until August 2012 when it was finally finished. The original drawing was on a rough Bristol Board paper which creates more nooks and crannies in the drawing surface.

Drawing print can be hand-signed and even dedicated to a specific name upon request. I can sign the artwork or on the border around the artwork as it fits in an 8.5 x 11 space.

Print paper is 110lb Matte white card stock

*Digital NFT rights are not included with any artwork purchase