Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic 1998 with Chipmunk Lloyd Original Drawing (Not a Print) 7.8" x 10.5"

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This is a freehand graphite drawing of Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic 1998 with Chipmunk Lloyd I drew in 1998 in my sketchbook while I was in college. In an effort to add humor and a personal touch to the drawing, I added my own character, Lloyd (a chipmunk), to the drawing in place of Billy Zane's character. And, since I was under age at the time I drew this, I had Lloyd holding Mountain Dew instead of champagne. I cut it out of my sketchbook, so the size is a little odder than usual. This listing is for the original 7.8" x 10.5" drawing! 

The first image is the actual drawing you'd be buying. It's pictured here propped up on my office chair with a portfolio behind it. The second image is a computer scan of the drawing.

This is a one-of-kind drawing. While prints are available of it, it's the only original, actual drawing made of it. (This drawing was also scanned to make the available prints)

Drawing is signed by me on the front, with dates I worked on it on the back.

Print paper is 110lb Matte white card stock

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