John DiBiase Trading Cards #1 to #11 (Jurassic Park, Office, Iron Man, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Captain America & More)

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Here's your chance to collect the first 11 of a unique series of printed trading cards I had made featuring my own original artwork. (I designed the cards 100% -- from the artwork to the front and back designs). The front features a reprint of one of my original drawings, while the back features info about the drawing, my web links and social media accounts, as well as a unique 20% off code for my art store at The 10th card has a unique code for 25% off future orders of $35 or more. (The codes are only good for future purchases)

This bundle includes the first 10 cards (only 10 different ones exist right now).

They are:

#1 - Lost in Jeff's World (Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park 1 & 2)

#2 - World's Best Boss (The Office)

#3 - I Am Iron Man

#4 - Brothers in Spirit (Ghostbusters)

#5 - Marty's Out of Time (Back to the Future)

#6 - The Princess and the Scoundrel (Star Wars)

#7 - Worthy (Captain America)

#8 - Wonder (Wonder Woman)

#9 - Making the Impossible Possible (Mission Impossible)

#10 - The Boat: Jim's Plan C (The Office)

#11 - All the Time in the World (No Time to Die)

The cards can be autographed by me, the artist, upon request.

Trading cards are a limited edition print and part of an intended series of unique cards!

Cards will come in a thin, soft plastic "penny sleeve" or you can upgrade to a 9-Pocket UltraPro Trading Card Binder Page for an upcharge which also comes with upgraded shipping. Because there are now 10 cards, there are more options for page options.

If you choose:

1 Trading Card Page: You will receive the first 9 cards in a 9-pocket trading card page. The 10th and 11th cards will be in penny sleeves.

2 Trading Card Pages: You will receive the first 9 cards in a 9-pocket trading card page. The 10th and 11th cards will be the in the second page (with room for future cards. :) )

**Coupon code can only be used if you have one of these cards; not applicable on orders if you do not have the card**

*Digital NFT rights are not included with any artwork purchase