3.03 x 2 inch Custom Photo Magnet Featuring My Artwork - YOU CHOOSE!

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For this listing, you tell me which of my drawings -- any of them you see in my shop, but they have to be MY drawings -- you'd like to see on a 3.03 x 2 inch one-sided magnet for you. Send me the name of the drawing you'd like to see as a magnet and a link to the image and I will design the magnet for you (if it doesn't exist already).

NOTE: there is some cropping that happens with the artwork to get it to fit the magnet's dimensions. Please see the attached example image to see how it works. Most drawings will fit okay, but there will be some loss of image in the process. Personally, I HATE when images are squished or stretched to fit dimensions, so I will not do that. I will cut some image away instead.

If you'd like a custom order of multiple magnets, please feel free to message me and I can work out a package deal for you.

Examples of my art as magnets are included in this listing. This is your chance to tell me you'd like a magnet of ANY of my drawings. I'll do my best to make it work as a magnet! (And I can possibly add text to it, too, if you'd like)

3.03 x 2 inch acrylic photo frame with magnet backing.