1.57 × 2.17 inch Custom Keychain Featuring My Artwork - YOU CHOOSE!

SKU: JDB0466
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For this listing, you tell me which of my drawings -- any of them you see in my shop, but they have to be MY drawings -- you'd like to see on a 1.57 × 2.17 inch double-sided keychain for you. Send me the name of the drawing you'd like to see as a keychain and a link to the image and I will design the keychain for you (if it doesn't exist already).

If you'd like a custom order of multiple keychains, please feel free to message me and I can work out a package deal for you.

Examples of my art as keychains are included in this listing. This is your chance to tell me you'd like a keychain of ANY of my drawings. I'll do my best to make it work as a keychain! (And I can possibly add text to it too)

1.57 × 2.17 inch acrylic keychain with key ring.