1.5" Ghostbusters Buttons, 8 Different Designs - Choose One

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Brand new Ghostbusters Buttons. Choose ONE from the following designs. To order more than one, just add your chosen design to the cart and then come back to this listing and choose another button and add that to the cart.

1) Stay Puft

2) "Ready to Believe You"

3) Ray Stantz

4) Winston Zeddemore

5) "Have You Missed Us" (Ghostbusters: Afterlife) - John's Design

6) Ghostbusters logo (Not John's art, but designed by John)

7) Egon and Janine

8) Peter and Ray (Ghostbusters II)

9) Slimer

10 ) Peter Venkman

1.5" inch pinback button with white plastic backing and metal pin.

Prints are available in this shop for each drawn image in 8.5 x 11 inch size.